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OXO Egg Beater Giveaway – Over

Alright ladies and gents, it’s finally time for that long alluded to give-away that you guys actually get (my last one was given to a neighbor, you can read here to find out why, and about the OXO Cookies for Kids Cancer charity). Anyway, today I’ve got an OXO Egg Beater for one of you! I’m lucky enough to be part of the OXO blogger outreach program, which means that they send me great products for free, one for me, and one to give away. They don’t ask me to say anything, and they don’t pay me anything.

My Oliver is still suffering from his mystery fevers (fingers crossed that the blood work comes back today). The one thing that always makes Oliver happy though is helping me cook. It doesn’t matter how sick he feels, as soon as he hears me ask if he wants to help me, those little eyes of his light up and he bee-lines it into the kitchen (usually to dig out his chef hat before we start).

On this night, there was no need for fancy recipes, just some chocolate cake mix and pre-made vanilla whipped frosting. We were setting out to make some cupcakes to put a smile on his face, and man did it stretch from ear to ear when I whipped out the egg beaters, “his” egg beaters, to make it easier for him to help me. Usually Oliver grabs my standard whisk, but it’s tough for him still, and usually ends up with flour all over my counter and floor.

First thing first, he had to check them out.


Give them a bit of a spin (FYI, the gears in this are incredible, they function really smoothly).


Then get them into the bowl and mixing.


It took him about a minute to get the hang of it, then he loved it!


Here’s our finished cupcakes. Oliver only ate a bite of one that night, then just wanted to go cuddle (fevers really suck), but that didn’t matter. He had fun making them, and that’s what counts.


Give away is over and the egg beaters are on their way to Sharon O! Another one coming up soon!

Ok, here’s what’s up for grabs:

1 OXO Egg Beater


What I really like about them is that the base detaches from the handle and is dishwasher safe. I’ll admit, these won’t be the first things I grab for when I’m mixing up some thick cake batter, and they’re not going to replace your hand or stand mixer. But, for quick little jobs like a couple of eggs, they’re perfect. I also can’t express enough how wonderful they are for kids. It let’s them get more hands on than just a wooden spoon or whisk.

For your chance to win, just do one of the following, then leave me a comment letting me know. If you do more than one, leave a comment for each.

1 –  Like us on Facebook (just add a comment if you already do)

2 –  Follow us on Twitter (just add a comment if you already do)

3 –  Follow us on Pinterest (just add a comment if you already do)

4 –  Email me a picture of your kids cooking with you in the kitchen


I’m going to leave this open for one week, just because I don’t have a ton of traffic yet, so I want to give me a chance to get a few post up so people will see it.

Good Luck!


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    (Sharon O.)

    Thank you for the giveaway. I love OXO products, but this hand mixer is new to me. It looks very handy for certain tasks.

    Your kitchen helper is adorable!

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  4. I follow you on Pinterest.
    (Sharon O.)

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