Crazy Little Thing Called Love

It’s been a while, but I’ve been meaning to update on the regular. Even if it’s just to get a little record of all the ridiculous, adorable, hilarious things these two do and say.

Today though, today has been rough. Oliver has not slept enough in weeks, and it’s finally caught up. This means a day full of screaming, crying, getting hurt by not paying attention, and reverting to “I really hate you Mommy” whenever he hears no. Lovely.

He also taught Anna to say fart. Fantastic.

The most hilarious part of this is that he makes Anna bring me the whoopee cushion to blow up for him, but she’s terrified of it when it’s blown up. That’s right. My daughter (so far) is only afraid of two things. 1 – play tunnels, and 2 – a blown up whoopee cushion (with no air in it she has no issue). So, Anna carries me the whoopee cushion, and hands it to me saying “fart”. As soon as I raise it to my lips she screams “NOOOO” and runs out of the room. Oliver takes the now full whoopee cushion, chases Anna into the other room, and sits on it while she screams. She then takes the empty cushion back to me on his request. And repeat. It’s so ridiculous that while it’s happening, I think I must be imagining it.

None of that it was this post is really about though. What it’s really about is this:





despite the yelling, screaming, pouting, crying, bloody lips, and bruised legs, the amount of love between these two kids is absolutely astounding. It doesn’t matter how bad of a mood one of them is in, given a few minutes left alone, I will always find them lounging around somewhere, making each other laugh.

Must run – was just alerted to the fact that the “red farting thing” is stuck on top of the curtain rod.


  1. That is just the best! My two can get pretty crazy at times as well, but the moments where they love on each other take my breath away and remind me its all so very worthwhile!

  2. They look adorablee together! Love all the laughing pictures.

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