Deviled Eggs with a classic creamy filling. You'll be shocked at how easy and delicious these are!

Deviled Eggs

I’m still working through my favourite dishes to bring to summer BBQ’s. This is another of those that I grew up eating and loving. I don’t know why I always thought they would be so hard to make, or time-consuming. Once I actually did them myself I realized they’re one of the easiest things to…

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The ultimate macaroni salad, Amish style with eggs and cheese.

Ultimate Macaroni Salad – Amish style with eggs and cheese

There are a few things that you just can not buy. I was walking around, trying to pick out some easy sides for a BBQ last Saturday, trying to make life easier by not making everything from scratch. I picked up the macaroni salad (it was basically fluorescent orange), I looked at the tiny little…

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5 minute fresh salsa

5 Minute Fresh Salsa

When I went grocery shopping last week there was a pile of tomatoes still on the stem that looked incredible. They instantly made me want salsa like at the restaurant, where it’s fresh and cool, and just full of flavour. I have never had a jarred salsa that I liked, other than homemade (thanks Mom),…

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feta and garlic cracker dip

Feta Party Dip

When I sit down and start planning out a party, the first thing I always write on my food list is “feta dip”. This recipe came from my Mom, and it has become a staple at my house whenever we have a bunch of people over, and maybe a few times throughout the year just because I…

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Panzanella Salad Skewers

The kids favourite salad / snack / lunch is always a version of a panzanella salad. It’s the one thing I can make for Oliver for school and know he’ll actually eat, plus, I love it (and Bo too). Finding something all four of us fight over eating is very, very rare. This week we…

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fried calamari with hot peppers

Calamari with Hot Peppers

Today’s recipe is brought to you by Sophie and I, as she is insisting on sitting on my lap while I type. Awesome. A little over six years ago Bo and I had the best meal of our lives. It was on our honeymoon, when we got back to Florida from the Bahamas, and we…

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