Wafer thin cookies that bake up super crisp with caramelized edges and just enough slivered chocolate marbled through.

Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I wanted to do this yesterday, because what better way to get over the middle of the week “ughs” than chocolate chip cookies, but I got wrapped up in painting and sparkles, as it goes. So, how about a little Thursday “WOO HOO! Tomorrow is Friday! OMG best ever super thin, extra crisp, chocolate chip…

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Lamb chops are covered in a fresh herb and garlic marinade with a kick of lemon, then broiled. Start to finish in 20 minutes!

Herb and Garlic Lamb Chop Pops

I have been absolutely buzzing about sharing this recipe with all of you. Fall is (quickly) approaching, school is about to start back up, and as much as it seems like we had no free time during the summer, life gets CRAZY hectic once the routine starts up again. There is nothing that I love…

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super easy salted toffee squares with toasted almonds and chocolate. These are what you've been missing in your life!

salted toffee squares

If you’ve ever tried those almond roca candies, you’ll know where I’m going with this. The candies have a hard almond toffee center, are covered in milk chocolate, and then rolled in toasted almonds. They’re basically a perfect bite of awesome. A few years ago I found a recipe for squares in a Martha Stewart magazine that had…

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Buttery, soft, and salty pretzel bites tossed with garlic and blue cheese. A great movie night at home snack!

Blue Cheese Tossed Pretzel Bites

Good morning folks! I’m in an awesome mood today. First off, it’s my birthday, I’m 33, and I’m loving every second of my life. Secondly, I finally get to share this ridiculously good recipe for garlicky blue cheese tossed pretzel bites, that I created for Melt Magazine as part of their fourth Blogger Challenge. We were…

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Three cheese corn cappelletti with pancetta - all from scratch, or hacks with grocery store pasta!

Three Cheese Corn Cappelletti with Pancetta

So, I have this thing with corn. See, it’s my favourite thing to eat. Pretty much in the entire world. I would pass up a 6 layer chocolate cake for one cob of perfectly grilled, super sweet, summer corn (dripping with melted butter, and covered with salt and pepper, OF COURSE). So, please understand that…

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Croque Monsieur - the ultimate ham and cheese sandwich

Croque Monsieur – The Ultimate Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Alright, here we go, back at it after a week of house-wide sickness, and then another week trying to get everything back in order and the house clean. Sorry. It’s that whole balance thing where, while I love being a blogger, until I’ve got three kids in school (aka the glory years),  I’ve got a…

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