peach tea granita #TEAdays

Peach Tea Granita

I don’t think anyone is happier than I am that summer is just around the corner. The kids are finally outside all afternoon on the playground, my hammock is gearing up for afternoons spent flipping through magazines, and the BBQ is finally working its magic a few days a week. Better than all of that though,…

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one bowl chocolate cake

One Bowl Chocolate Cake

It’s Friday morning, and man, am I ever glad that it’s finally Friday morning. The last two weeks have felt like they just dragged on for ever, and I’m really looking forward to two days where we don’t really have anything planned. Well, I shouldn’t say nothing. I’m about to embark on a two hour…

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Sticky buns in 5 minutes

Sticky Buns in 5 Minutes

Who doesn’t love a sticky bun. Soft, flakey dough, spiraled with cinnamon kissed brown sugar, topped with lightly toasted pecans, then drenched is a gooey, sticky caramel that runs down the side. I mean, if you can’t get into that, I’m not sure we could be friends (says the girl who married the boy who hates…

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raspberry turnovers in 5 minutes

Raspberry Turnovers in 5 Minutes

I know, that sounds like such a big promise: raspberry turnovers in five minutes. But I swear, I spent significantly longer making that image down there for you to pin then I did actually making these turnovers. It’s always the yummiest things that end up being the easiest, and for anyone that wants a quick…

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homemade marshmallows

Homemade Marshmallows

I went all out for Sophie’s first birthday this year, and one of my favorite things that I made were the homemade marshmallows. I know, you’re rolling your eyes. I heard it a few times in the week leading up to the party. “Katrina, no one does homemade marshmallows”, “Katrina, you’re nuts”, “Katrina, you said…

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