peach tea granita #TEAdays

Peach Tea Granita

I don’t think anyone is happier than I am that summer is just around the corner. The kids are finally outside all afternoon on the playground, my hammock is gearing up for afternoons spent flipping through magazines, and the BBQ is finally working its magic a few days a week. Better than all of that though,…

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summer melon salad

Summer Melon Salad

This is another throw back post to one of my favorite salads of all time. It’s just so “Summer” in every bite, and seeing as I had snow on my lawn last week, I’m desperate for a reminder. It’s just a few simple ingredients: sweet melon, salty prosciutto, mild bocconcini, fresh mint, and a squeeze…

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smoothie pops

Smoothie Pops

I love having quick and easy snacks in the freezer for the kids. Mine is always stocked with a bunch of different quick breads (banana, chocolate zucchini, and pumpkin) that I can pull out the night before as an easy breakfast before school. This weekend, the kids and I decided to make some smoothie pops for the…

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raspberry turnovers in 5 minutes

Raspberry Turnovers in 5 Minutes

I know, that sounds like such a big promise: raspberry turnovers in five minutes. But I swear, I spent significantly longer making that image down there for you to pin then I did actually making these turnovers. It’s always the yummiest things that end up being the easiest, and for anyone that wants a quick…

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almond cherry cake

Cherry Almond Coffee Cake

I love desserts and snacking cakes like this. Ones that are incredibly fast and easy to make, but look so damn fancy when finished. Psst – It’s recipes like this one that help me look like I actually know what I’m doing in the kitchen. It’s from Tasting the Seasons, a great new cookbook by…

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