super easy salted toffee squares with toasted almonds and chocolate. These are what you've been missing in your life!

salted toffee squares

If you’ve ever tried those almond roca candies, you’ll know where I’m going with this. The candies have a hard almond toffee center, are covered in milk chocolate, and then rolled in toasted almonds. They’re basically a perfect bite of awesome. A few years ago I found a recipe for squares in a Martha Stewart magazine that had…

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mothers day sign

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas

SURPRISE! Mother’s Day is just five days away. Five. I can’t figure out how it still manages to sneak up on me when literally every commercial for the last month has been an advertisement for something shiny and sparkly for mothers day. I’m not the shiny, sparkly type though. I like something I can actually…

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homemade marshmallows

Homemade Marshmallows

I went all out for Sophie’s first birthday this year, and one of my favorite things that I made were the homemade marshmallows. I know, you’re rolling your eyes. I heard it a few times in the week leading up to the party. “Katrina, no one does homemade marshmallows”, “Katrina, you’re nuts”, “Katrina, you said…

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leftover turkey pocket pie

Leftover Turkey Pocket Pies

Easter is just around the corner, and it’ll be a toss up for cooking a turkey or a ham in most houses. If you’re cooking turkey though (and maybe this will be the push you needed, even if you *just* had turkey for Christmas), here is a super easy way to use up those leftovers….

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graham cracker bird houses

Graham Cracker Easter Birdhouse

These graham cracker bird houses we made for Easter were so incredibly easy. Oliver and I literally whipped them up in ten minutes before going to school this morning (but I did already have the coconut toasted, so maybe it would take 15 normally). You could go as over the top as you wanted to,…

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