Lamb chops are covered in a fresh herb and garlic marinade with a kick of lemon, then broiled. Start to finish in 20 minutes!

Herb and Garlic Lamb Chop Pops

I have been absolutely buzzing about sharing this recipe with all of you. Fall is (quickly) approaching, school is about to start back up, and as much as it seems like we had no free time during the summer, life gets CRAZY hectic once the routine starts up again. There is nothing that I love…

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Better Than Takeout Homemade Gryos

This was such a fun recipe to make, and I felt so accomplished afterwards because it worked on the first try! That’s always a good sign, when something you think will be hard (after all, we usually pay for take out when we feel like this), turns out to not only be incredibly easy, but…

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chevapi and crostini

Chevapi and Crostini

This is an absolute favourite of Bo’s, being that he’s Croatian/Serbian it’s basically a staple. There’s a little butcher shop about a 45 minute drive from here that you can get them at, but they aren’t hard at all to make, it just comes down to how lazy I’m feeling, lol. Chevapi Prep Time: 20 minutes…

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