BBQ Jerk Chicken Pizza - Restaurant quality all done on the grill!

BBQ Jerk Chicken Pizza #GrillWithGrace

There is nothing more that I enjoy in the summer then grilling a meal outside. The kids can go crazy in the backyard, Bo can relax with Sophie on the daybed, and I can stand at my grill, loving every second of it. I’ll make just about everything I can on the grill in the nice…

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tilapia with lobster mornay sauce

Tilapia with Lobster Mornay Sauce

I don’t cook a lot of fish, for a few different reasons. First, I’m not a fan of fishy fish, and neither is my five year old, Oliver. Second, I am totally overwhelmed buying fish. I don’t like buying bags of frozen fillets that are all stuck together and covered in freezer burn. When I…

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jacked up brown butter maple syrup

Jacked Up Brown Butter Maple Syrup

This is one of my favourite things to make on the weekend for french toast, waffles, and pancakes. I love the taste of melted butter on my carb heavy breakfasts, but when I’m cooking them, I’m also the last one to the table to eat, and everything is usually too cool to melt it. On a…

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Bolognese Meat Sauce

Ok, I’ve watched a look of cooking shows, and read even more cookbooks. I always hear about Bolognese, real Bolognese, this magical meat sauce that’s simmered all day until it because a sweet, rich, “gravy” that just can not be beat. With a husband that loves his jar of Ragu, and hates any form of…

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The hunt for the perfect pizza

I’ve been trying for a few years now to figure out a way to make the perfect, pizzeria style pizza at home. I’m slowly getting closer. My first few dough’s were almost more focaccia like (not what I was looking for), and while this one is the closest yet to what I’m aiming for, it…

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