Product Review: Circulon Prime Hard Anodized Skillet

I was given the opportunity to test out a Circulon skillet that’s part of a new line of cookware offered at Canadian Tire. The piece I’ve been playing around with is the hard anodized 9.75” deep covered skillet. Now, I was already a fan of hard anodized cookware. The set I’ve been using for the…

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The Best Banana Streusel Muffins

Bananas in bread form are a constant in this house. I buy about double the bananas we usually eat every week, just to watch them turn brown and sugary, ripe for baking. My freezer is always stocked with banana bread for the kids for snacking, or for breakfast on those nights where I know I’m…

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salted caramel chocolate beer cupcake

Everything’s Better With Beer Cupcakes

The title says it all with this one: Everything is better with beer. I got challenged to make something sweet and delicious using the impeccable Samuel Adams Boston Lager as a main ingredient. Now, as someone who has never found a bad day, a good day, or a cut of meat that beer didn’t make…

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kitchen trials about me

A Long Overdue Introduction

Hi, I’m Katrina, the incredible talent (cough) behind Kitchen Trials, and this is me right now. Ok, actually, that was me 15 minutes ago. I took the picture to start off the post, then that little bundle hanging off my chest wouldn’t stop fussing after a day of throwing up on everything, so I needed…

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lemon cookies

Easy Lemon Sugar Cookies

A new blog post, and only 11 days after Sophie joined the family. This is proof that I’m running on the fumes of a crazy sleepless person. I have a helper for these ones, yesterday Anna wanted to make some cookies for Oliver’s after school snack. I think she probably just plain wanted to make…

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Happy Valentines Day!

Bo and I are spending today in the hospital… Because our baby girl has decided to make her appearance! I couldn’t ask for a better present, and I got the one up on Bo by remembering to bring his card. It just keeps getting better. Intrepid food blogger that I am, I’ve sent him on…

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