mothers day sign

Last Minute Mothers Day Gift Ideas

SURPRISE! Mother’s Day is just five days away. Five. I can’t figure out how it still manages to sneak up on me when literally every commercial for the last month has been an advertisement for something shiny and sparkly for mothers day. I’m not the shiny, sparkly type though. I like something I can actually…

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Tasting the Seasons Cover

Cookbook Review: Tasting the Seasons

A few months ago I received an awesome little package in the mail. A new cookbook to take a look at, Tasting the Seasons and a sweet note from it’s author, Kerry Dunnington. She hoped that I would enjoy cooking from it, and she had nothing to worry about. Everything that I’ve made has been…

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Making School Lunches Fun with Rubbermaid lunch BLOX

I was on a mission this year when Oliver started school to have him actually eat his lunches. Last year (jr kindergarten), more often than not his lunch came home mostly untouched. This year I wanted to change that, so I started asking Oliver what theme he wanted for lunch. I’d try to get it…

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Cookbook Review: Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids

So, I’ve been sitting on this book for a couple of weeks now, and I have gone through it at least a half a dozen times, cover to cover. “Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids” by Zoe Clark, available at The Cake for those of you in the UK, and at Every time I…

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Irresistible Ice Pops

How lucky am I. During what has been, hands down, the hottest spring that I can remember, I get the opportunity to review this cookbook, Irresistible Ice Pops, by Sunil Vijayakar. Ok. Twist my arm. I had never actually tried to make my own Popsicles. I did always have a stash of freezies and sandwiches and…

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Reviews are coming!

I’ve mentioned my cookbook problem a few, cough, thousand times. Good news though, people have heard and are now giving me a sneak peak at some. Not just cookbooks either, all kinds of wonderful things have been heading my way. The best thing about this? In a lot of cases it means they’re heading your…

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