How to have an awesome day with your kids for free. Seriously.

today-18I’m only three weeks into summer and I’m already starting to feel burned out. How could this possibly be happening. Already.  Sigh.

I’m a planner. I constantly have lists running through my head about what I want to do, and where I want to take the kids. I constantly guilt myself for being a stay at home Mom:

I’m wasting too much time. I wanted to stay home with them to DO things with them. I need to do more things. They need more experiences. I should have brought them somewhere educational this week. Fark, the house is a total wreck, and I need to do laundry, but then the kids don’t get to do anything fun today.

If my idiotic inner voice making me feel lazy wasn’t enough, there’s also everything else I’ve already committed to (either to the kids, or just to myself):

More trips to the zoo this year because we have the pass. Take them to the museum again. You said we would go back to pioneer village. Don’t forget about the aquarium. And Wonderland, again, you’ve got the pass. There was that storybook place to have a picnic, and the day at the beach you promised. And the farms. And what about that lion safari place? Oliver would love that one. And you did say you would try to go back to the falls one more time, you forgot about that…

If my long sought after summer days disappearing wasn’t enough to make me want to crawl into a hole for the next 8 weeks, the bank account going along with it was. I’m trying to save for Florida, and sports, and all the other “stuff” that inevitably comes up (except going to the drive-in, Mommy’s got to have one guilty pleasure)….

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Oatmeal Banana Bread Snacking Cookies

Healthy Banana Bread & Oatmeal Snacking Cookies - a great on the go alternative for kids!

So, we’re one week in to summer vacation, and I’m already running out of snack ideas (how is this possible). My kids are grazers. They typically like to eat a small little breakfast and lunch, and graze in between those meals and dinner. I try my best to have healthy (ish at least) snacks, and…

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Resolve Gold and the Five Day Stomach Flu

Resolve Gold Review

Laundry and I are close, really close. As a family of five I’m clocking a solid seven to eight loads of laundry per week, and dealing with stains on a constant basis. On top of the kid’s clothes (food, grass, did I mention food?), I have my husband who has worn the same self-appointed “uniform”…

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Our Crazy Life – June 2015

blog update-17

I swear, I don’t know where the last 30 days went. Everyone got sick, then as soon as everyone got better it was just balls to the wall non-stop insanity for an entire month. Here’s basically what went down: I filmed this a few weeks ago (I still can barely talk about it, because, nerves)….

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Three cheese corn cappelletti with pancetta - all from scratch, or hacks with grocery store pasta!

Three Cheese Corn Cappelletti with Pancetta

So, I have this thing with corn. See, it’s my favourite thing to eat. Pretty much in the entire world. I would pass up a 6 layer chocolate cake for one cob of perfectly grilled, super sweet, summer corn (dripping with melted butter, and covered with salt and pepper, OF COURSE). So, please understand that…

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Croque Monsieur - the ultimate ham and cheese sandwich

Croque Monsieur – The Ultimate Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Alright, here we go, back at it after a week of house-wide sickness, and then another week trying to get everything back in order and the house clean. Sorry. It’s that whole balance thing where, while I love being a blogger, until I’ve got three kids in school (aka the glory years),  I’ve got a…

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Is it ok if I go cry in a corner?

As a self-professed do-er of everything, it really sucks when a week comes along and metaphorically kicks you in the nuts. Oliver brought the stomach flu home 190-ish hours ago (I’m totally not counting though). Right now, I’m the only one still really sick. Who gets sick for a solid week with the stomach flu? And…

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Deviled Eggs with a classic creamy filling. You'll be shocked at how easy and delicious these are!

Deviled Eggs

I’m still working through my favourite dishes to bring to summer BBQ’s. This is another of those that I grew up eating and loving. I don’t know why I always thought they would be so hard to make, or time-consuming. Once I actually did them myself I realized they’re one of the easiest things to…

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