Everything’s Better With Beer Cupcakes

salted caramel chocolate beer cupcake

The title says it all with this one: Everything is better with beer. I got challenged to make something sweet and delicious using the impeccable Samuel Adams Boston Lager as a main ingredient. Now, as someone who has never found a bad day, a good day, or a cut of meat that beer didn’t make better (obligatory always drink responsibly), ...

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Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

bacon wrapped spinach and cheese stuffed pork tenderloin

Ok, this one’s gotta be short and sweet folks because I’ve got a date with a wading pool and three kids, two of whom won’t stop asking me when we’re going. How about when it opens kids, how’s that sound. Sigh, I really must work on their spatial time knowledge. Ok, this was RIDICULOUSLY easy to make. It doesn’t look ...

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Ancho Chili and Tequila Glazed BBQ Chicken Thighs

ancho chili and tequila glazed BBQ chicken thighs

You might have noticed from the last couple recipe posts that I live in two seasons. Winter, where I hibernate and seem to rarely cook anything exciting, and BBQ season. I love BBQ season almost as much as I love my kids. Hell, in another few months when I can have a beer while I BBQ (thanks breastfeeding), it might ...

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Brushetta Style BBQ Pork Chops

Brushetta style bbq pork chops

Oh man, am I ever excited to share this recipe with you guys. Hands down, this is my new summer jam for dinner. It was so incredibly easy to whip up, it was AWESOME tasting, and the best part, it made it look like I really knew what I was doing. This is a dinner that doesn’t just taste good, ...

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Disney on a Dime – Tickets

discount disney tickets

Alright, this is probably the simplest advice I can give people. Unless you are staying on Disney Property, and buying tickets through Disney to get a bundle deal (like free dining), do not buy your tickets from Disney. Be careful though. For every honest and legitimate place selling tickets, there are hundreds (especially in the Orlando area, beware the pop-up ...

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Disney on a Dime – Introduction

disney on a budget

I’ve been going to Disney World in Florida forever. Seriously, as far as my life is concerned, it’s been forever. I’ve been horrifically spoiled by parents and grandparents growing up, which created in me a love (nay, need) of Disney so strong that I just have to find a way to get our family there every year, even if we ...

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