Our Crazy Life – June 2015

I swear, I don’t know where the last 30 days went. Everyone got sick, then as soon as everyone got better it was just balls to the wall non-stop insanity for an entire month.

Here’s basically what went down:

blog update-7I filmed this a few weeks ago (I still can barely talk about it, because, nerves).

header_banner_mobile2014Which then aired on The Marilyn Denis show yesterday (June 29, 2015). Like, OMG one of my recipes was actually on TV. Watch the episode here. It’s their Great Canadian Cookoff for Canada Day tomorrow. I’m a “blink and you’ll miss me” one minute segment about 20ish minutes in.

blog update-2Then, my nephew turned one!!! With this ridiculously awesome cake! …

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Three Cheese Corn Cappelletti with Pancetta

Three cheese corn cappelletti with pancetta - all from scratch, or hacks with grocery store pasta!

So, I have this thing with corn. See, it’s my favourite thing to eat. Pretty much in the entire world. I would pass up a 6 layer chocolate cake for one cob of perfectly grilled, super sweet, summer corn (dripping with melted butter, and covered with salt and pepper, OF COURSE). So, please understand that…

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Croque Monsieur – The Ultimate Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Croque Monsieur - the ultimate ham and cheese sandwich

Alright, here we go, back at it after a week of house-wide sickness, and then another week trying to get everything back in order and the house clean. Sorry. It’s that whole balance thing where, while I love being a blogger, until I’ve got three kids in school (aka the glory years),  I’ve got a…

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Is it ok if I go cry in a corner?


As a self-professed do-er of everything, it really sucks when a week comes along and metaphorically kicks you in the nuts. Oliver brought the stomach flu home 190-ish hours ago (I’m totally not counting though). Right now, I’m the only one still really sick. Who gets sick for a solid week with the stomach flu? And…

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Deviled Eggs with a classic creamy filling. You'll be shocked at how easy and delicious these are!

Deviled Eggs

I’m still working through my favourite dishes to bring to summer BBQ’s. This is another of those that I grew up eating and loving. I don’t know why I always thought they would be so hard to make, or time-consuming. Once I actually did them myself I realized they’re one of the easiest things to…

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BBQ Jerk Chicken Pizza - Restaurant quality all done on the grill!

BBQ Jerk Chicken Pizza #GrillWithGrace

There is nothing more that I enjoy in the summer then grilling a meal outside. The kids can go crazy in the backyard, Bo can relax with Sophie on the daybed, and I can stand at my grill, loving every second of it. I’ll make just about everything I can on the grill in the nice…

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