Wafer thin cookies that bake up super crisp with caramelized edges and just enough slivered chocolate marbled through.

Thin and Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

I wanted to do this yesterday, because what better way to get over the middle of the week “ughs” than chocolate chip cookies, but I got wrapped up in painting and sparkles, as it goes. So, how about a little Thursday “WOO HOO! Tomorrow is Friday! OMG best ever super thin, extra crisp, chocolate chip…

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Buttery, soft, and salty pretzel bites tossed with garlic and blue cheese. A great movie night at home snack!

Blue Cheese Tossed Pretzel Bites

Good morning folks! I’m in an awesome mood today. First off, it’s my birthday, I’m 33, and I’m loving every second of my life. Secondly, I finally get to share this ridiculously good¬†recipe for garlicky blue cheese tossed pretzel bites, that I created for Melt Magazine as part of their fourth Blogger Challenge. We were…

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A cakey style cornbread that is light and fluffy with a layered sweetness that's perfect on it's own, or beside your favorite plate of ribs.

sweet cakey cornbread

Before we even get started on this one – I know. Cornbread is a very personal thing to a lot of you. Especially if you’re from the south (which I’m not, so give me a little extra leeway here). I’ve seen it written that in Texas, if you add sugar to your cornbread, you’re liable…

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Lazy day cake

Lazy Day Cake

I am beyond excited to finally be sharing this recipe. The reason I haven’t before now is because slices never last long enough to photograph. Hands down, this is my favourite snacking cake. It’s the one that my Nana made all the time when I was growing up, and now it’s the one that I…

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raspberry turnovers in 5 minutes

Raspberry Turnovers in 5 Minutes

I know, that sounds like such a big promise: raspberry turnovers in five minutes. But I swear, I spent significantly longer making that image down there for you to pin then I did actually making these turnovers. It’s always the yummiest things that end up being the easiest, and for anyone that wants a quick…

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