Lazy day cake

Lazy Day Cake

I am beyond excited to finally be sharing this recipe. The reason I haven’t before now is because slices never last long enough to photograph. Hands down, this is my favourite snacking cake. It’s the one that my Nana made all the time when I was growing up, and now it’s the one that I…

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raspberry turnovers in 5 minutes

Raspberry Turnovers in 5 Minutes

I know, that sounds like such a big promise: raspberry turnovers in five minutes. But I swear, I spent significantly longer making that image down there for you to pin then I did actually making these turnovers. It’s always the yummiest things that end up being the easiest, and for anyone that wants a quick…

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5 minute fresh salsa

5 Minute Fresh Salsa

When I went grocery shopping last week there was a pile of tomatoes still on the stem that looked incredible. They instantly made me want salsa like at the restaurant, where it’s fresh and cool, and just full of flavour. I have never had a jarred salsa that I liked, other than homemade (thanks Mom),…

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Nutella filled wontons

Nutella Filled Wonton

Ok everyone, it’s going to be quick and dirty today because I’ve got my sights set on a sale at The Gap (priorities, right). Besides, when it’s for something like nutella filled wonton, it should be quick and dirty. These are the easiest little things ever. You’re going to see how to make them and…

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bagel recipe

New York Style Bagels

I remember going to the St Lawrence Market on a school trip in high school, probably before seeing a show or something. Most of the details of the day are pretty foggy now, except for two things. The last thing I bought was a pair of wax lips, because who doesn’t love them: The second…

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