ultimate tripple chocolate muffins

Triple Chocolate Muffins

We’re at the rec center twice a week now. Once for the kids swimming, and a second time for Oliver’s hockey. After every visit, the kids beg (and usually get) a trip to the snack stand where they talk us into a slush puppy (because what better drink is there when you’re wet and/or sweaty…

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Blueberry Crumble Muffins

Last night was not a good night. I should have seen it coming. I figured it was a good idea to go to Walmart to buy toilet paper (a sale is a sale) while the kids were still up, Bo laying in bed watching tv with them. When I got home Bo had put them…

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The Best Banana Streusel Muffins

Bananas in bread form are a constant in this house. I buy about double the bananas we usually eat every week, just to watch them turn brown and sugary, ripe for baking. My freezer is always stocked with banana bread for the kids for snacking, or for breakfast on those nights where I know I’m…

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Jam Swirrled Muffins

Alright, back to baking! There is one heck of an explanation to the delay, but I’ll post that to the life section later. For now, on to the muffins! I finally started dipping my toes into the whole canning experience this summer. I am a fan. A fan who didn’t realize just how long it…

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