Product Review: Circulon Prime Hard Anodized Skillet


I was given the opportunity to test out a Circulon skillet that’s part of a new line of cookware offered at Canadian Tire. The piece I’ve been playing around with is the hard anodized 9.75” deep covered skillet. Now, I was already a fan of hard anodized cookware. The set I’ve been using for the last eight-plus years was made ...

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Cookbook Review: Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids


So, I’ve been sitting on this book for a couple of weeks now, and I have gone through it at least a half a dozen times, cover to cover. “Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids” by Zoe Clark, available at The Cake for those of you in the UK, and at Every time I do, I see something else ...

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Irresistible Ice Pops


How lucky am I. During what has been, hands down, the hottest spring that I can remember, I get the opportunity to review this cookbook, Irresistible Ice Pops, by Sunil Vijayakar. Ok. Twist my arm. I had never actually tried to make my own Popsicles. I did always have a stash of freezies and sandwiches and chocolate, gooey, kinda-sorta Popsicles in ...

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Reviews are coming!

I’ve mentioned my cookbook problem a few, cough, thousand times. Good news though, people have heard and are now giving me a sneak peak at some. Not just cookbooks either, all kinds of wonderful things have been heading my way. The best thing about this? In a lot of cases it means they’re heading your way too in giveaways! Yay’s ...

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