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Disney on a Dime – Introduction

disney on a budget

I’ve been going to Disney World in Florida forever. Seriously, as far as my life is concerned, it’s been forever. I’ve been horrifically spoiled by parents and grandparents growing up, which created in me a love (nay, need) of Disney so strong that I just have to find a way to get our family there every year, even if we ...

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A Long Overdue Introduction

kitchen trials about me

Hi, I’m Katrina, the incredible talent (cough) behind Kitchen Trials, and this is me right now. Ok, actually, that was me 15 minutes ago. I took the picture to start off the post, then that little bundle hanging off my chest wouldn’t stop fussing after a day of throwing up on everything, so I needed to do laps around our ...

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Happy Valentines Day!


Bo and I are spending today in the hospital… Because our baby girl has decided to make her appearance! I couldn’t ask for a better present, and I got the one up on Bo by remembering to bring his card. It just keeps getting better. Intrepid food blogger that I am, I’ve sent him on a hunt for bread pudding. ...

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A very brief update.

Sorry all. This website has been severely lacking the past few months. I don’t have a great excuses, but I do have a legitimate one. I’ve been sick. Really sick. And the kind of sick that gets worse with food, so I didn’t cook very much. It’ll be worth it in about 6 more months though when our family grows ...

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